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We will use a folk expression for the trio as a trio with a “Layered Tone”. It is layered because each of the artists has a beautiful timbre. An awesome thing…

Piano Trio Forte

Piano Trio Forte was founded in 2010, by artists who have solo careers and who possess the love for chamber music as well. While choosing a repertoire, the trio has embraced a principle in giving place to especially Turkish composers.

The trio has performed at such venues like 41. International Istanbul Music Festival, Borusan Music House, Sureyya Opera House, Fulya Art Center, Sabancı Performance Center that are all located in Istanbul, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center in İzmir, as well as at other concert halls in various cities of Turkey like Bursa, Hatay, Antalya and Denizli.

The name “Piano Trio Forte” came up as a word game which actually possesses a hidden meaning underneath: A musical journey that occurs among the two common musical terms describing the dynamics in music, which are piano (soft) and forte (strong).